Krarization (2012)

An album of popular songs adapted for the krar. Including hits from Bob Marley, The Beatles, and John Denver.

Begena Fusion (2012)

An album that features the begena in a modern milieu. Backed by a full band and spanning multiple genres.

Begena Bedtimes (2006)

Temesgen's mellifluous vocals are accompanied by the stark and haunting sounds of the traditional begena.

Traditional Favorites (2006)

Temesgen sings the traditional favorites of the ethiopian krar canon. Thirteen songs of love, devotion and hope in four kignits.

Collaboration Suite (2006)

Roots rock reggae. Temesgen combines with members of the Mau Mau to bring forth an original album of sweet reggae music.

King David's Harp (2006)

Instrumental Begena songs handed down by tradition and culture. Stark, haunting, reflections of pristine beauty.

Ethio Banjo (2005)

A meditative album of sublime instrumental krar. Let the waters of Krar wash over you and soothe your mind